A Case of the Sundays

It’s Sunday and afternoon (in most time zones) and that means one thing; a case of the Sundays is about to set it.

You know what I’m talking about – the weekend had so much promise, you either squeezed a million things into 48 hours or you swore off any activity for just a bit of rest. But now, it is Sunday afternoon and you just had the mental moment of tomorrow. Bummer!

Tomorrow we wake by alarm rather than nature. Tomorrow we speed through our morning routine rather than leisurely shower. Tomorrow we may skip breakfast rather than enjoy the amazing 2-hour brunch we love so much.

It’s easy to see why we get a case of the Sundays. Our long distance love is heading home, our parents call to check up and remind us that no matter how old we are we are still their kids, our dogs are exhausted from the long walks and the ball toss at the park and our own kids are ready to battle heaven and earth not to bathe or go to sleep at a decent hour. Sunday night!

Tomorrow, in that short lull of your day (probably on your commute in, just after lunch or as you walk from one meeting to the next – try to remember how good Friday felt and how Saturday seemed to last forever.

We need the case of the Sundays to remind us that a week at work is great preparation for a weekend. Monday thru Friday pays for our Saturday and Sunday. There’s no pill or cure for your case of the Sundays but knowing you are not in it alone and like a common cold, it’s annoying but it’ll be gone in 5 days.

Enjoy the last few hours everyone!

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