A fire in the belly

Getting the call to interview is exciting for roughly 30 seconds and then there is this weird rumbling that occurs in your belly and a small bead of sweat crosses your brow. Instantly your excitement turns to anxiety and fear.

Am I prepared? Am I qualified? Will I be able to convey that I am qualified? Am I what they are looking for? Am I too old? Too young? Have too much experience? Not enough? Geez!!!

Everyone gets the rumble. Even the most experienced of interviewers; even recruiters.

At a point in my career I was gainfully employed, loved my job and my team, had no reason to fear losing my job and could have probably worked happily into retirement. But when the call came to me about a seemingly interesting role I assumed I would play it cool and not care how the interview went. They called me, right? Right?

And while my head kept saying, “play it cool.” My stomach had a different feeling. It wouldn’t let me forget that my career, my reputation and my work ethic was still on display. I needed to prepare. I needed to put my best foot forward. Maybe I wanted this new job. Or perhaps, maybe I just needed to make sure that when all was said and done the interviewer felt that their time was well spent.

There comes a point in your career when you are on top of your game- and expert at what you do and you have every right to feel that any company would be lucky to have you BUT (yes, it’s a big but) remember to pay attention to your physical queues.

That rumble in your belly keeps you in check. It reminds you to do your homework. It makes you prepare. It allows you to dig deep and realize if the position is something you might really want. And ultimately, it’s a good indicator if you are wasting peoples time.

If you are lucky enough to get the call or the visit, do a stomach check. If there is a rumble – awesome! Prepare, do homework and get ready for an experience.

If you are missing the rumble then maybe you shouldn’t bother  going through with it. Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s and in a tight job market, don’t take a chance away from someone sitting at home (with a fire in their belly) who might be waiting for that call.

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