My aunt was a seamstress…

My aunt was a seamstress. As a kid I would open her sewing box and marvel at the colorful thread, bric-a-brac, and patterns. I would also be warned about the sharpness of her scissors and needles. I loved the way that box played on my senses; the smell of the wood, the sound of the rusty metal swings, and the visual chaos of material stuffed into such a small space. There were tons of seamstresses in my neighborhood. That was years ago.

Today, I seem to know a lot of recruiters. Not just because that’s my network but because there are a lot of us out there. There is no school of recruitment. You can’t earn a degree in it. So how does a candidate (or a company) know which recruiter to work with? The same way we used to pick a seamstress …

  • Do your research. Find out who your recruiter has worked for/with and understand which industries they have focused on.
  • Get a referral. Who knows better than someone who has just gone through the same situation you are dealing with? A referral is going to give you candid feedback and provide both excitement and warning.
  • Trust. Handing over your resume and personal details (like salary) is difficult but a good recruiter will safeguard this information and only use it for your benefit.
  • Partner. Remember – you and your recruiter are in this together. You should be open and honest and expect the same in return.

My aunt taught me how to sew a button. I am glad I know how to do this but ask me to fix a hem or add a zipper then I’ll have to seek out an expert.

You should look at your job search the same way. Seek out guidance and find an expert.

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