Pilates… For beginners

Recently a local Pilates studio offered a “Beginner Mat Class”. The class entailed learning the basic moves necessary for a more advanced Pilates.

Why would I need this class? I’ve taken enough workout classes (yoga, spinning, gymnastics, etc…) to jump right into an intermediate class and perhaps (feeling confident here) even the advanced class.

A friend, more humble than me, asked that I take the beginner class with her as a way to keep each other motivated. I agreed but couldn’t believe I was spending money on something I believed I already knew how to do.

At the first class, the instructor informed us that we would be learning basic moves in each class and then building and combining the lessons. Ultimately, we would train our bodies to recognize the correct way of performing a movement so much so that it would become second nature while all along also getting a workout.

No Sweat! Literally! I didn’t sweat at all but the next day had these little aches and sore body parts. Hmmm? Could small movements really have a big impact?

These classes have me thinking about resume writing and interviewing and more specifically Get-Attention. The reason we started this company was to help job seekers get back to the foundations they may have forgotten (or never learned) and make subtle changes to in order to see results.

After a month of “watch dogs” and “inflection”, I feel not only different but better. I catch myself breathing in a way that engages different muscles and noticed the lbs on the scale are a few less than last month.

I was cocky! I thought I could just jump right into something new without learning the basics and I am so glad I didn’t. I know now that as I move into the next level workshop that I’ll be better prepared and have more confidence in my ability.

Don’t be cocky like me! We could all use an introduction or refresher course now and then. Our workshops are designed to help you understand the basics, learn the process and be better prepared.

Take the intro class. Make the investment. Do it with a friend so that you have a companion to keep you motivated. Listen to your instructor. Watch how others are doing things so that you can mirror their moves.

Remember: subtle movements make big differences. Practice makes things easier and when all is said and done and you land the job you were eyeing you can say, “No Sweat!”

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