Salute to Military

Fleet Week NYC kicked off this week and as always I am in awe as I watch the mighty ships sailing up Hudson Harbor.

Yesterday I attended a military recruitment career fair and well I know used the word “awe” already but it accurately describes how I felt about the men and women I had the pleasure of meeting.  

The amount of collective experience and raw enthusiasm in the room was inspiring.

For most people finding a job is hard enough but for our military personnel it can be daunting. Job titles don’t align, resumes are foreign, and sub specialties are usually non-transferrable.

May we offer some advice?

First for recruiters-

1) Thank the people you meet for their service

2) Find out what types of positions the job seeker held while serving. Ask about skills, certifications, but most importantly ask about interests

3) Listen! Our service men and women have a world of experience. If you listen closely you’ll either find a fit or be able to offer advice  

For job seekers –

1) Talk with your transition officer (if available). They exist to help you

2) Convert your experience into a resume. Ask others to review it and provide suggestions before you submit it to a job  

3) If you are not ready to engage at a fair that’s fine. Use the event to collect materials and speak to representatives about their organizations. Ask questions you can’t find the answers to on the internet. Go home, review the materials and make a gameplan.

For both-  

1) Ask questions. It’s ok not to know everything about each others institutions but asking shows interest and a willingness to learn

2) Mock interview. Job seekers may never have had to officially interview for a job and may not be familiar with case studies or BBI formats. Recruiters my not be 100% sure of the questions they can and cannot ask a former military member.  Practice will help

3) Listen! Yes, I know I said this already but it is so important I’m putting it twice. Listen to each other. This simple act will allow both job seeker and recruiter to truly understand if there is potential for employment.

On behalf of all the members of Get-Attention, we thank our military men and women for their service. Welcome home!  

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