Teacher Appreciation Day

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day.

I’m guessing a name or an image of one of your teachers just popped into your head. It’s funny how that happens, even all these years later!  

Who was it? What grade? What subject? Can you recall how the classroom was set up? Why this teacher? What makes them any more special than the countless other teachers you had?

It doesn’t have to be a traditional teacher in the classroom sense. Perhaps it was a coach, a tutor, an instructor or in the simplest terms… Maybe it was just someone who took the time to teach you something you didn’t know.

Someone taught you the alphabet. Someone taught you math. How to swim. How to dribble a basketball. How to drive a car. Read a map. Jump rope.

Today is a good day to thank those who took the time. Remember the qualities that made them special and if nothing else pass on your knowledge to someone else.

At Get-Attention we are thankful for our teachers, coaches, and mentors. We hope that we can pass on some of our knowledge to you so that next year, on Teacher Appreciation Day, you remember those who got you some attention!

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